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Emily Smith

Emily Smith

Previously owner of her own construction company, Emily is thrilled to be a part of the Keel Construction and Keel & Till team.

She grew up helping her dad around the lake with his landscaping business, so being around construction became second nature to her at a young age. Emily began building homes around the Lake Martin area in 2014, and she’s been doing so ever since. She puts her whole heart and soul into every build, creating a lasting personal relationship with each client and ensuring excellent workmanship at the end of each project. She enjoys every phase of the construction process and likes to take a hands-on approach at each job site.

Emily says “I enjoy walking onto a piece of property for the first time and being able to picture the end results in my mind. It’s like a life-size art project that I help bring to life.” 

At the end of the work week Emily enjoys spending time with her children.